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Find out how many Visitors open your Website, where they come from, and what content they like the most.

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Web Analytics Real Time Analytics

Get a real-time insight on website traffic and learn on what events to react.

Traffic Feed Traffic Feed

Find out all important details at our Live Traffic Feed of your Visitors.

User Feedback User Feedback

Find out more about what your Visitors really need and optimize your content.

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Service and satisfaction are always very important to us. You actually get Support by real humans. The results of our recent customer survey therefore show that we are doing it right.

Privacy is important to us

We take Privacy so serious that we have been early adopters of EU requirements. That's why we record visitors only anonymously and offer an opt-out option for every webmaster. For safely storing the recorded data, we host our technology exclusively in Europe and protect them with HTTPS/SSL.

Build for all devices

No matter if you are just sitting at your Desktop PC editing your homepage, or if you're on the way to work, our Website Statistics are always at your fingertips. Our service adapts always automatically - no matter if on Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop PC.

Clear and understandable

We are particularly proud to have developed a Web Analytics Tool for websites that is so simple that it does not require much explanation. To keep it that way, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the most understandable providers of visitor counter and analyics tools.

Find out what trendcounter can do for you

trendcounter was designed so that you can easily adapt it to your needs. Whether on a private Website, a lovingly tended Blog or a growing Web Shop. You decide yourself on how personal you want to get to know your visitors. A wide range of packages with individual websites statistics make this possible.

As the Internet is as diverse as our customers, we have created installation instructions for the major website builders.

You can use our Online Counter and Web Analytics Tool without effort with Weebly, Wordpress.org, Jimdo, Wix, DeviantART and Tumblr. Basically you can use it on almost every Website Builder or Blog system that support the integration of JavaScripts or at least dynamic images.

Browser Statistics in the trendcounter network

7% Firefox
9% IE / Edge
80% Chrome
2% Safari

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