Information about trendcounter

What's behind the Statistics


We take the protection of personal data very seriously,
and treat them confidentially and according to the GDPR.

What does trendcounter in terms of the GDPR

We have been active in the field of web analytics since 2004, and have always set a strong focus on data protection and comprehensibility. Since there have been some inquiries in the context of the GDPR and its appearance in the news, we would like to give a look behind our statistics.

We respect the principles of data economy as well as privacy by design. Further details about our handling of personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

So that you can continue using trendcounter compliant to the GDPR on your website, we have revised already existing functions and added further options for the secure handling of data and its protection.

  • IP addresses are anonymized as early as possible, so that no inference is possible to the original address
  • As far as further visitor data would allow a conclusion on the individual visitor, these are only shortened stored
  • DNT (Do Not Track) settings are respected, so that no cookies are set for this visitor
  • We provide every webmaster a privacy template for the use of trendcounter
  • Each project has a linkable opt-out form
  • trendcounter Analytics uses only secure "first party" cookies
  • trendcounter Analytics can optionally be used completely without cookies
  • trendcounter Analytics can optionally be used with a Cookie Opt-In
  • trendcounter Feedback has a customizable data retention tool
  • trendcounter Feedback can optionally be used completely without the collection of personal data
  • Our services are fully transport encrypted (HTTPS / TLS)
  • Collected data will not be merged or shared with other data
  • We host our servers exclusively in the EU

Right to be forgotten

If a visitor demands the immediate deletetion (before automatically cleaning up) of his personal information from the Feedback-Tool, feel free to contact us directly so we can do it for you.

Right to data portability

Should a visitor send you a request about the personal data stored about him, you can export and send it to him (if available) in the Feedback-Tool. Other personal data are not stored at trendcounter.

No legal advice: This information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief.
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