Web Analytics Tool with Website Statistics

Finally a tool that actually helps you understand your visitors

HTTPS/SSL compatible

We support encrypted websites, blogs and shops. Unecrypted will also work of course.

High Data Privacy

We comply strictly with the requirements of data protection, and offer you an additional opt-out form for your visitors.

Public statistics Pro

You're proud of your visitors, and would like to share your own statistics? Then just make them public!

Subuser Plus

Unlock the Analytics Tool for your friends, family or marketers and give them access. You decide who sees which information.

Exclude visits

If you are often on your own website, you can easily exclude the capturing of your own visits. No more distorted reports.

Invisible counter

You decide wether you want a visible counter design or prefer a hidden and invisible tracking pixel.

Returning visitors

This features helps massively to improve your success. You get to know who comes back on a regluar basis.

Forecast and trends

We calculate forecasts of visitors and pageviews using extensive algorithms. You'll know in the morning how many visitors you can expect that day.

Customizable designs

If you'd like to use a visible counter, you can completely customize the appearance matching the design of your website or blog.

Top pags

To know what blog article or which site of your portal is read the mos, helps significantly in optimizing your content.

Active pages Pro

You see in real time on what site the most is going on. If an article made has started trending, you learn it here first.

Visitor feed Analytics

The moment a new visitor enters your website, he appears with a profile showing the most important information in your traffic feed.

Visitor sources Premium

To know how your visitors arrive to your website it a powerful tool. We show you direct visits, links, social media, search engines and campaigns.

Refering sites Plus

Knowing which websites send the most traffic via links is interessting and useful to open up new traffic sources.

Campaigns Premium

Measure the success of your campaigns. Where they worth investing? How have the daily numbers developed in the last day, month or year?

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