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06/08/2018 | by trendcounter
Did you know that trendcounter #analytics respects the #DNT (Do Not Track) setting of your visitors? No Cookies or processing of personal information for their visits.

What others are trying to address now, have we done long ago.

05/17/2018 | by trendcounter

It's time to show off your Statistics! The last weeks we had so many request to offer a Widget with all relevant Statistics, that we went into our dark cave and built a neat Widget. You can choose what color the background and the text should have with just a few clicks. There's also a live preview to fiddle around with the options.

04/09/2018 | by trendcounter

Stop beeing tracked when visiting your own Website! You can now activate an automatic Blocking-Cookie at your Project-Settings. As many people tend to delete their cookies when they close the Browser, we have added a system that refreshes the Cookie each time you log in to trendcounter. Make sure to first login, and then open your Website to really have a fresh Cookie.

04/02/2018 | by trendcounter

The "Recent Visitors" module has been redesigned to show even more details at a glance. Use your mouse to hover over the view count and have a look at the Visitor Path. Great to follow the movement on your Website. https://www.trendcounter.com/report/demo/recent/

03/09/2018 | by trendcounter
Todays update brings your visitors even more privacy and autonomy. We have adapted the DNT (Do Not Track) policy for our Web Analytics solution.

Whenever a visitor has set his browser to not beeing tracked, we won't set Cookies in his browser and additionally reduce the collected information.

The visitor will still be tracked in your reports, but only with reduced details.

12/26/2017 | by trendcounter

You can now zoom into all of your historic daily statistics. It's as easy as opening the monthly view and clicking on the month you want to get more details on. Great to check the traffic on specific dates in the past.

11/28/2017 | by trendcounter

Have you started tracking your campaigns with trendcounter? If not, visit the "Campaign" feature on your Dashboard and give it a try. It's easy as pie!

08/18/2017 | by trendcounter

It's time to show off your statistics on a big TV or to just sit back and watch them yourself. We have added a Fullscreen Mode to your dashboards on the right top corner. Only one click to toggle it on and off. We have also optimized several descriptions in the UI (User Interface) and made some smaller improvements to make the usage of trendcounter even easier.

02/04/2017 | by trendcounter
We just wanted to inform you again that trendcounter already supports HTTPS/SSL websites and blogs for a long time. This means you can continue using trendcounter with Jimdo, Blogspot, WordPress and other services forcing HTTPS for their customer sites.

Because we love privacy, even our non-paying customers can use HTTPS with their free packages.

If you are using a very old version of our tracking code it's a good time to login and install the latest version on your site.

01/19/2017 | by trendcounter

It's never been easier to gather "User Feedback" on your website. With just one click you can now enable a customizable feeback button and get an awesome dashboard that will show you what your visitors are really thinking of your product or website. https://www.trendcounter.com/feedback/

11/21/2016 | by trendcounter

For extra security we have switched trendcounter to HTTPS/SSL, so that your access to our website is now fully encrypted. The well known "SSL Labs" test gave us an A+, which is the best possible grade. Most of our competitors don't even come close to that grade. Bonus: You can now use trendcounter on HTTP/SSL protected websites!

04/19/2016 | by trendcounter

Introducing "Visitor Sources". Get more details and optimize your Search Engine visibility, Campaigns and Social Media responses. Give us a thumbs up to support our development! http://www.trendcounter.com/report/demo/sources/daily/

04/13/2016 | by trendcounter
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