Flag Counter for your website

So you think our visitor counters aren't dynamically enough? You want to see more at once? Then check out our awesome flag counter, that shows a flag for every single visitor. You can customize everything from color to size! Collect news Flags on every new visit from a country that hasn't been on your Website before.

A click on the flag widget leads to our comprehensive statistics, showing everything about online visitors, pageviews and many more. Start now with your own web stats!
We respect the privacy of Webmaster and Visitor. That's why we encrypt everything with HTTPS/SSL and have put some nice tools to help you comply with GDPR and other privacy matters.

Flag Counter
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If you prefer other designs than our Flag Counter, we have a lot of them to offer. Most of them customizeable with a few mouse clicks - and even invisible ones. No need for knowledge of PHP or other programming languages. With an awesome support of real humans!

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