WordPress.org Counter and Web Stats (self hosted)

WordPress.org Installation Guide

The installation on your self-hosted WordPress.org blog is very easy. Our plugin takes away almost all the work off you.

Loign in or create a free account at trendcounter, if did not already have. Here you can directly create your first project and then activate your Counter. Or you go directly into the settings of your previously created project.

Now go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/trendcounter/ and download the plugin from the official WordPress.org website. Alternatively, you can also use the plugin directory.

Finishing the setup of your Counter

  • activate the newly installed plugin in the plugin menu
  • login to trendcounter and got to the "Project HTML"
  • in the tab "Plugins" you can find the code to be copied
  • paste the copied code in the installed plugin
  • now choose in your blog if you want to integrate the statistics in the footer or as a widget
  • save...done

Have fun with the web stats for your WordPress.org blog!

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