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An awesome way to watch and show off your Website Visitors are our neat Widgets and Statistics. You get a nice and clean dashboard that show you your Visitors the moment they arrive at your Website. It's an real-time process without the need to refresh your browser.

You even get a history of your Online User with nice charts, bars and gauges. It's nice to just sit back and watch the numbers changing. Almost as good as meditation.

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Counter Widgets

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Our User Online Counter Widgets can be customized to match your Website design. You can pick a color with your mouse, or just paste your own hex-code. The Counter shows the current amount of Visitors that is right now on your Website. So if there are 25 Visitors online, it will show a 25 - easy, huh?

It's easy to copy and paste the HTML code you need to setup our integration. We also provide ready to use plugins for WordPress and a version that is great for Tumblr. No JavaScript allowed? No problems, there's also a fallback version without JavaScript - just a plain image.

Best of all? We respect your privacy, the GDPR and offer an awesome support by real humans. So what are you waiting for? Get your own Online Counter and start spying on your Visitors. If you ever need more, we also have some nice and cheap Premium upgrades.

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